Manufacturing Software Solutions

We offer enterprise software for the manufacturing and integration industries. Our platform is focused on quality assurance and audit capabilities, to aid businesses in being compliant with industry regulations. Our system is capable of being customized to your specific business requirements. Integrate or migrate your existing systems to ensure total control of operations from a single application.


Manage Your Total Operation From a Single Application

Our manufacturing software allows you to easily manage your operation’s scheduled tasks, parts, workflows, machines, and more. Operate all of your work orders and send assignments to your staff from a single application. Track work completion at each step of the way to ensure compliance.


Manage Parts and Designs (MES)


Easily quote orders

Realtime Monitoring

Monitor facility operations


Built-in accounting


Smart Fields

Configurable form fields


Document Generation

Easily generate documents

Workflow Editor

Create custom workflows


Account Management

User account controls


Manage materials


Manage and fulfill orders


User configurable dashboard

Human Resources

Manage your people


Smart Triggers

Event trigger system

Document Templates

Create templates


Automate operations

Help & Support

Integrated help system


Schedule part builds


Tool management


Standard and custom reporting

Customer Portal

Order tracking for customers


Smart Query

Use data in fields and docs


Live display kiosk

Lead Manager

Manage incoming leads


User access controls


Track inventories

Customer CRM

Customer Relations Management


Manage order shipping

Geo Location

Locate anything on earth

Resource Management

Manage resources

System API

Service and System API’s

User Manager

User and group management


Database and file logging

Deploy Anywhere

Take advantage of all of today’s latest cloud technology. We will deploy your application to any type of cloud or server environment.  Our systems run on all the popular flavors of Linux and Windows. We also work with major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink, and more. We will use the environment that works best for your business operations.

Local Cloud

Deploy to your local cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Deploy to hybrid clouds.

Cloud Provider

Deploy to any major cloud provider.

Use Your Application Anywhere

We build responsive and targeted user interfaces to ensure your application runs the way your operation requires. Today’s modern business operations require applications that run in all the places people work. This means that desktop/laptop, tablet, and mobile are all essential parts of our projects. We work with you to define and understand your projects workflows so they operate where your staff and how your staff works. We help empower you to reinvent how you work and where you work.

Desktop & Laptop

Responsive and Desktop Only Interfaces.


Responsive and Tablet Only Interfaces.


Responsive and Phone Only Interfaces.

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