Enterprise Software Development

The GDR Group offers enterprise software development services tailored to your business’ needs. Our development process ensures that the software systems we build meet the specific business criteria your project demands. We enjoy working on complex problems so that we can provide elegant solutions that save time, money, and hassle. We work alongside your company or organization to build the best tools possible to empower your project or product to succeed.

Learn More About Our Process

Are you looking to have a custom application built and you’re wondering how it all happens? Want to know what steps we go through to build a great product? Check out our process and find out the steps our team of engineers takes to create your software.


Fully Customizable Business Software

We provide custom software development services to build software that fits your businesses exact needs. We work with your company through our process to discover, design, develop, and deploy your application. Once your application is running and serving your business, we work with you to continually expand and enhance its feature set. The software our team builds is based on our business intelligence platform which gives your application a jump start with great features for user management, file management, document generation, workflow planning, access controls and more.

Responsive Design

Our applications are responsive and work across all devices.


Customize your software to fit your businesses needs.

Deployed Anywhere

We offer private, public, or hybrid cloud support.

Great UI/UX

Our applications offer a great user interface and experience.

Deploy Anywhere

Take advantage of all of today’s latest cloud technology. We will deploy your application to any type of cloud or server environment.  Our systems run on all the popular flavors of Linux and Windows. We also work with major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink, and more. We will use the environment that works best for your business operations.

Local Cloud

Deploy to your local cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Deploy to hybrid clouds.

Cloud Provider

Deploy to any major cloud provider.


Our software solutions are built with advanced features that mimic desktop software. This allows users to get more done with less clicking and obstruction.  We have all of the features of modern web applications that help people get more done with less work. This includes multi-select, tags, search, and drag and drop for many areas of our applications. We build great features to help businesses get more done in less time.

Power Your World

Build your application around how your business operates. Tailor the functionality to the specific needs of your workforce and allow us to optimize the workflow. Your business will save money, time, and effort while being more productive, accurate, and delivering quicker.

System Integration

A common challenge businesses are faced with today are systems integration. Our tools can work as the primary point of management of your systems or work as  a bridge to connect one or more systems so they can communicate. The systems we develop can also be used to monitor and gather business intelligence from your existing systems.

System Security

We use the advisement of the OWASP (The Open Web Application Security Project) to secure our applications. We also use industry best practices to secure your infrastructure no matter where it exists. We help protect your data by providing audit and access controls so you can be compliant with regulations.

Use Your Application Anywhere

We build responsive and targeted user interfaces to ensure your application runs the way your operation requires. Today’s modern business operations require applications that run in all the places people work. This means that desktop/laptop, tablet, and mobile are all essential parts of our projects. We work with you to define and understand your projects workflows so they operate where your staff and how your staff works. We help empower you to reinvent how you work and where you work.

Desktop & Laptop

Responsive and Desktop Only Interfaces.


Responsive and Tablet Only Interfaces.


Responsive and Phone Only Interfaces.

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