Enterprise Software Services

Our services are tailored to your business needs.  Our process ensures that the software systems we build meet industry requirements and exceed the needs modern technology demands.  We enjoy working on complex problems so that we can provide elegant solutions that save time, money, and hassle.  We work alongside your company and other industry leaders to build the best tools possible to empower your business to succeed.


Everything You Need to Build and Run a Great Application

OHM Logic provides the platform to build your application quickly to your specifications.  Our extendable application framework offers a scale-able solution that allows your project to easily expand upon core business functionalities such as user management, permissions, messaging, notifications, reports, charts, web service integration, scheduled services and more.  Our applications are easily customized to your businesses needs.  We have the experience, talent, and knowledge to take your software project from concept to completion.

Software Customization

We can customize system functionality for your business requirements.

System Monitoring

We provide monitoring services to keep your applications online and running smoothly 24/7.

Support Services

We provide phone, email, and on-site support. We are there when you need us.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to plan, execute, and expand your project.


Everything You Need to Run and Scale Your Application

OHM Logic offers managed services under service level agreements (SLA).  Our managed services keep your operations infrastructure managed, monitored, and running smoothly.  We also offer configurable backup services and security monitoring for your infrastructure and applications.  Our managed services provide your operation a secure cost effective way of keeping your application online and accessible anytime and anywhere.

Managed Servers

We manage and monitor your applications.

Managed Security

We manage and monitor your infrastructures security.

Managed Backup

We manage, monitor, and test your backup services.

Support Services

We offer phone, email, and on-site support.


Support Services

OHM Logic offers hourly and contract support services.  Our support team can help answer technical questions and assist with technical issues.  Please feel free to call us from 7am to 7pm PT at (949) 201-7451, email us 24/7 at support@ohmlogic.com, or tweet us at www.twitter.com/ohmlogicinc

Phone Support

Contact Support via Phone
(949) 201-7451

Email Support

Contact Support via Email

Use Your Application Anywhere

We build responsive and targeted user interfaces to ensure your application runs the way your operation requires.   Today’s modern business operations require applications that run in all the places people work.  This means that desktop/laptop, tablet, and mobile are all essential parts of our projects.  We work with you to define and understand your projects workflows so they operate where your staff and how your staff works.  We help empower you to reinvent how you work and where you work.

Desktop & Laptop

Responsive and Desktop Only Interfaces.


Responsive and Tablet Only Interfaces.


Responsive and Phone Only Interfaces.

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